1. How do I know whether the Smart Adaptor Plug is paired successfully?

If it is paired successfully then the Smart Adaptor Plug light changes to Green colour and will be in same state for 10 seconds. Also Smart Adaptor Plug Icon will appear on Vetaar smart home App. OR First make sure answer (A2) reason is correct and then make sure smart mobile VPN is disabling if any activate. For Check this go to Setting Wireless and Network More Disable VPN (if any VPN add & active)

2. What can I do if the Smart Adaptor Plug pairing fails?

There are several reasons as below:
  • Make sure the android version of Smart Phone/ Tablet is Android 5.0 or above
  • Make sure the Router is Powered Up and Wi-Fi network is established.
  • Make sure the Zigbee Ethernet Gateway is Powered ON and connected to the Router using LAN cable.
  • Make sure the Smart phone and Zigbee Ethernet Gateway are on same wireless Local Area Network connection during pairing.
  • Please check that your router can support wireless IEEE802.11b/g/n standard.
  • Make sure you enter the correct Wi-Fi network name (SSID).
  • Make sure your router security is WEP, WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, we recommend WPA/WPA2.
  • Make sure you have available IP addresses for the router, if not you will need to disconnect other devices and try again.
  • If none of the above applies, then please retry to pairing again. Before retrying, unplug the Smart Adaptor Plug from power supply and plug it again.

3. Can the Smart Adaptor Plug only be controlled at home by Smart phones while connected to the same Wi-Fi network?

No, Smart phones can control the Smart Adaptor Plug from anywhere as long as the Smart phone has an internet connection and also Zigbee Ethernet Gateway is connected to Router which has internet connection.

4. Why does the Smart Adaptor Plug in the mobile show offline sometimes?

Please make sure the Smart Adaptor Plug/ Zigbee Ethernet Gateway/Router is powered up and Zigbee Ethernet Gateway is connected to Router through LAN cable.

5. What kinds of home appliances can be used with the Smart Adaptor Plug?

The Smart Adaptor Plug Max current is 6A and Input voltage 240V (Max power rating is 1400W).So home appliances which have same or below capacity can be used.

6. How can I be certain the status of Smart Adaptor Plugs shown in the Vetaar smart home App is true?

Vetaar smart home App supports bidirectional feedback from paired Smart Adaptor Plugs. Smart Adaptor Plugs Icons which are displayed under devices in the App are successfully paired and status is confirmed (Smart Adaptor Plugs which are not paired with Zigbee Ethernet Gateway will not be displayed).

7. May I control several Smart Adaptor Plugs at the same time?

Yes, Vetaar smart home App can control server Smart Adaptor Plugs.

8. How can I find out the Smart Adaptor Plug which I want from several paired Smart Adaptor Plugs?

You can set a name and map it to device icon for each Smart Adaptor Plug for easy recognition in Vetaar smart home App.

9. How many timing tasks/scheduling can I set for each Smart Adaptor Plug?

The tasks are unlimited for each Smart Adaptor Plug but scheduling can be done for each Smart Adaptor Plug for next 7 days only (Including the day when it is scheduled).

10. Why does it not work when I set a timing task/ scheduling?

There are several reasons as below:
  • Timing tasks require the Smart Adaptor Plug to always connect to power supply. If the Smart Adaptor Plug is disconnected from power supply, the timing task cannot switch it back on.
  • Zigbee Ethernet Gateway or Router is not connected to power supply or network is not available. Reset by Power OFF and again ON then wait 2min for boot up.
  • Smart Adaptor Plug light colour is Blue.

11. What can I do if Smart Adaptor Plug pairing fails and Red colour light is displayed?

Unplugged and again plug-in then retry the pairing process once again.

12. How to reset the Zigbee Ethernet Gateway?

Reset the Zigbee Ethernet Gateway following method:
  • Vetaar smart home App Setting Reset Gateway
  • Dash board login Setting Reset Gateway

13. How to update the Zigbee Ethernet Gateway firmware?

Zigbee Ethernet Gateway firmware update by Vetaar smart home App
Login --> Setting --> Version --> Check Update